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My WISE Travel Journey

Hi, I’m Julie! 

I'm a travel advisor and planner with over twenty years of travel industry experience and expertise, specializing in responsible, positive impact tourism. I've traveled extensively, including solo travel, and I'm dedicated to promoting purposeful travel to sustainable destinations and facilitating meaningful experiences and cultural exchange. 


I conduct thorough research, partner with reputable organizations, support sustainable tourism practices, and provide travelers with tailor-made travel experiences that cater to their personal travel interests, goals, sustainability comfort level, and budget.

I'm passionate about empowering Women seeking Intentional, Sustainable, and Experiential (WISE) travel. By practicing sustainable travel and pursuing more intentional and meaningful experiences, we can positively impact both our lives and the world.


I hope you'll join me on this WISE travel journey!

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Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to support female travelers and those they travel with while contributing to the well-being of the environment, communities, and cultures through sustainable tourism best practices.

  • We conduct business with high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity.

  • We value and support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and treat everyone with respect, dignity, and fairness.

  • We are committed to your interests, goals, and needs, providing excellent customer service from start to finish.

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Travel Manifesto

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Focus on doing good, not harm.

Practice responsible travel that sustains communities and the environment.


Travel with intention.

Focus on a more mindful, intentional approach for more purposeful travel.


Strive for balance.

Don’t pack too much, try to do too much, or expect too much.  


Stay open-minded.

Resist the urge to judge and remain open to the beauty of difference.


Value quality over quantity.

Take the time to get to know and appreciate the people, culture, and community you’re visiting.


Give back.

Consider what you can do to show support and boost the local economy. 


Experience something new.

Learn a local craft, explore some of the local cuisine, or try a new outdoor activity.


Practice kindness and respect.

Leave every place you visit as good as or better than when you arrived. 

Giving Back

In an effort to help you reduce your travel carbon footprint, we have partnered with Terrapass, an organization dedicated to reducing global emissions and helping create a greener world.


We will make a one-time carbon offset purchase on your behalf, investing in Terrapass carbon reduction projects to help offset your travel carbon footprint. You will receive a certificate verifying the purchase made on your behalf. 


For 20 years, Terrapass has been investing in dozens of certified projects focused on renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction and is considered a leader in the fight against climate change. They work with respected third-party verification registries to certify, monitor, and audit projects to ensure that they stay on track, discontinuing any that are not meeting requirements and standards. 


Sustainability Goals

By supporting responsible tourism, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN sustainable goal number 8

Decent Work and Economic Growth

UN sustainable goal number 11
UN sustainable goal number 12
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Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Responsible Consumption and Production


Mindful Explorer Travel is a member of the following professional organizations:

American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA)

Sustainable Travel International

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