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Before I met Julie, I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about how to plan my trip to Portugal. There is so much information online, and I couldn't figure out what fit my needs; I was spending hours on my own each day trying to figure out what to do and where to go. I wanted insight on how to experience the culture of Portugal, avoid tourist traps, and get around safely. Julie not only helped me with my specific interests, but also shared her personal experiences as someone who has traveled to the country several times. 


She set up a Zoom call with me, answered every question I had with ease, and offered suggestions for things I had not thought about such as apps for getting around, where to get groceries, favorite restaurants, books to read, and meetups with locals. Even after our call was over, she continued to email me with suggestions, tips, and reminders (i.e. I almost forgot to book travel insurance, and I am so grateful she reminded me!).  After talking with her I felt more focused and at ease. Julie's love for Portuguese culture and life has been apparent in our conversations and it is clear she has a passion for sharing it with others and guiding them towards a meaningful travel experience.

Jessica P.


Julie was amazing at helping us plan our Australia trip! Even though my partner and I like to do different things, she made the plans work perfectly for both of us. We're so excited about snorkeling and hiking, and Julie even made sure we're doing it sustainably. Her dedication to sustainability really stood out; she not only prioritized experiences that align with eco-conscious values but also provided thoughtful options for sustainable travel throughout our journey. Her attention to detail and sustainable options really impressed us. Can't wait for our adventure!

Bridget T.

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