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Featured sustainable travel opportunities and destinations, travel updates, helpful travel tools, and travel tips!

Sustainable Travel in 3 Words:


Traveling sustainably isn't difficult. Next time you're planning an adventure, keep this in mind:


Destinations, Transportation, Lodging…

Think Green, Local, and Conscious! 


Experiences, Guides, Restaurants, Shopping…


Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse…

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Featured Destination: Scotland

Scotland is not only a beautiful country, but it's also a sustainable one that includes excellent public transportation options, a network of hiking and cycling paths, renewable power resources, a commitment to  sustainability that includes a ban on single-use food and beverage plastics, is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and is not over-touristed.

Fun Facts about Scotland  

  • Scotland is made up of 790 islands of which 130 are inhabited.

  • The unicorn is the official animal of Scotland!

  • There are 1.2 sheep for every resident.

  • The origins of Scottish folk music can be traced back thousands of years.

  • Golf originated in Scotland as did scotch whiskey.

  • It is also a land of myths, legends, and folklore.​​

Scotland Landscape with Hills
Two while little lambs
Old Scottish Castle
Abbortsford, Sir Walter Scott's home

The best time to travel to Scotland is spring (late March to May) or fall (September to November). 

If you're a cycling and/or hiking enthusiast, both are great ways to explore and discover this country, but you may prefer to explore the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and the like, the beautiful Borders region toward England, or maybe an outdoor adventure on the various isles of Scotland is more your thing!  There's a little bit of everything to be found in Scotland - rugged, natural beauty as well as great arts, culture, and food, including lots of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options!  


And If you're a folk music fan, I have the perfect tour for you -  great Scottish music, sites, food, and people! 

Responsible Travel Tips

Image of a group of women walking together

Before you go, do some research on your destination(s). Check out the local public transportation, farmer's markets, and locally-owned shops and restaurants.

Be sure to pack responsibly and lightly, including sustainable toiletries, a reusable or filtered water bottle, sustainable essentials like reef-safe sunscreen, multipurpose items such as reusable tote/shopping bags and a sarong or microfiber towel, reusable utensils to cut down on single-use plastics, and healthy snacks.

Be sensitive to and respectful of the local customs, dress, etc.  Learn key phrases in the local language, buy local products and food, pay a fair price, and be mindful of where you shop, focusing on supporting the local community.

Use local public transport and travel overland by train and bus as much as possible instead of flying.

Be mindful of energy and water use at your lodging, keeping it to a minimum, recycle and compost when you can, and dispose of trash properly.

When exploring, stay on designated trails, respecting natural habitats and sensitive ecosystems, keep a respectful distance from wildlife, and be sure to pick up and carry trash out. 

Handy Travel Apps

Check out this list of great travel apps that will make your travel easier and better!


This is a popular travel app you may already know about. If not, add it to your list of apps!  You can not only store important travel info, but it will provide reminders and help you track your carbon emissions, helping you travel better all around.

Fair Trip

This is the app you need to go local and invest in communities!  Fair Trip helps you locate local lodging, food, shops, etc. rated according to their social impact, their status as a green business, and whether they pay fair wages. *Only on iPhone.

Happy Cow

If you follow a plant-based diet, this is the app for you!  Happy Cow helps you locate vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants. You can search before you travel by entering your destination, or use it on-site to locate a veggie-friendly meal option.

Vegan Pocket

This handy little app is great for grocery stores and determining if a product is vegan. Just scan the product barcode!  The free version provides 4 scans per hour.  *Only on iPhone.


If you're interested in eating locally, shopping at farmer's markets or eating at restaurants serving locally-grown products, then this app is for you! 

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